Chem Shot Completions

Chem Shot

Automated Injection

Harness the cutting-edge power of 100% electric propulsion, seamlessly automated operation, a compact and efficient footprint, and state-of-the-art technology.

Elevate the efficiency of your drillout operation to a whole new level by implementing state-of-the-art, electronically controlled and precisely metered chemical injection systems.

Chem Shot includes
the following features:

  • Water flow meter (bbl/min)
  • 3 Chemical injection pumps electronically controlled to +/- 0.1 (gal/hr)
  • Intelligent touchscreen control panel (on unit and remote control panel)
  • Automation requires zero onsite personnel
  • Integrated tote racks for a clean, organized, HSE-focused operation
  • Electric power adaptable to any rig or generator source
  • 480V/208V 3 phase or 240V single phase
  • Low impact 40’’ x 90’’ footprint
  • < 1-hour rig uptime
  • WITS/Modbus compatible for Pason/BoreSight/Totco

Chem Shot Completion Specs

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