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Stryker Drilling

Stryker Drilling is a technology company focused on innovating chemical automation in E&P Drilling and Completions operations. Stryker offers full chemical suites as well as intelligent automation systems to Underbalanced Drilling and Plug Drill Out operations both domestically and internationally.

Stryker specializes in challenging wellbore applications ranging from experimental depth stratigraphic tests to extended reach lateral records. Whether your project is in the Geothermal, Construction or Oil & Gas Industry, Stryker will help your project succeed.

Industries We Serve

Stryker Drilling provides us with the expertise and technology to optimize our air drilling parameters, save costs, and avoid disastrous mistakes.

Marcellus & Utica E&P

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Isaac Haky


Trampas Efaw

VP Operations

Clint Rogers

VP Engineering

David Della Chiesa

VP Sales & Marketing