Air Drilling

XStream KS

Fresh Water Foamer

Xstream KS is a proprietary blend of biodegradable foaming surfactants designed for a wide range of aqueous fluids but optimized for use in high salt (sodium, potassium, chlorides) environments.

About XStream KS

Xstream KS comprises high-foaming surfactants blended for optimal molecular packing, creating a synergy that results in the highest level of quality foam creation to maximize solids carrying capacity. Xstream KS is optimized for use in drilling operations. It produces the most stable polyhedral surfaces and tightly packed bubbles needed to ensure rapid cuttings capture and maximum rate of removal.

This results in:
– Reductions in air pressure and volume requirements
– Cleaner holes

Xstream KS is derived from natural vegetable acids and alcohols to ensure its safe biodegradability.


Xstream KS works in all drilling waters

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