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RockSolid C

Clay Stabilizer

RockSolid C is an effective clay stabilizer that is non-toxic, environmentally friendly and biodegradable.

How Does Rocksolid C Work?

Clays pose drilling challenges as they are well known for swelling in the presence of water. Within their crystalline layers, clays contain cations that, upon contact with water, are solubilized resulting in clay instability and swelling. The result is wellbore instability, drilling fluid restrictions, and loss of formation permeability. RockSolid C provides a cation to replace the native, solubilized clay cation (such as sodium) preventing swelling and stabilizing the clay formation.

RockSolid C offers many advantages over KCl (potassium chloride). RockSolid C is effective at dosages of 0.3-1% versus 2-4% for KCl. In addition, KCl requires handling and solution preparation at the site where RockSolid C is ready-to-feed.


Rocksolid C Works In All Drilling Waters

RockSolid C is soluble in water for optimum formation interaction and works in all drilling fluids:

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