Hammer Bits

22″ Hammer Bits

Product Specs:

Type S2412G
Shank IR112S/QL120
Total Inserts 100
Wing Quantity 3
Profile Concave
Blow Holes 3
Spline Count 8/12

Cutting Structure:

Type Quantity Location Diameter
Diamond 24 Gauge 7/8"
Diamond 12 2nd Row 3/4"
Diamond 64 Face 3/4"
Side Guage 9 Side 3/4"
  • Carbide
  • Diamond on Gauge
  • Full Face Diamond

American Products, Made By American Workers

Stryker manufactures all of its drill bits in America using 100% American steel.

This investment in our products is to ensure that only the highest level of quality control is provided to our customers. When facing extreme temperatures, rock strength, or difficult wellbore conditions you can count on Stryker bits.

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