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String Saver

Corrosion Inhibitor

String Saver is a specially blended, low toxicity formulation recognized as a green corrosion inhibitor used in the most environmentally sensitive areas.

How Does String Saver Work?

Water injected downhole is adsorbed onto metal surfaces. When oxygen is present, a localized electrochemical cell is created between the metal (anode) and its oxide layer (cathode) which results in corrosion. String Saver contains a polar group – which strongly adheres to the metal surface – and a long alkyl chain that will repel water and oxygen. The actives in String Saver form a protective film on the surface of the metal. The specially designed composition produces optimal molecule packing, resulting in an even distribution of the inhibitor on the surface of the metal (surface film). The result is stable, consistent protection across the entire treated metal surface and the highly persistent films are ideal for high-shear applications.

String Saver has proven to be a highly effective corrosion inhibitor in the reduction of pitting corrosion attack caused by dissolved oxygen. String Saver also keeps calcium from precipitating by forming soluble salts, so the components are well-suited for applications where calcium scale deposition is a potential problem.


String Saver Is

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