Air Drilling

Eco Drill 100

Air Drilling Lubricant

EcoDrill 100 is a durable and effective rock drill lubricant designed specifically for air drilling equipment. EcoDrill 100 is carefully formulated to provide superior lubrication of downhole motors and hammers.

About Eco Drill 100

EcoDrill 100 is optimized for use in air drilling operations.

It includes:
– A natural vegetable oil lubricant base
– A polymer to reduce high shear viscosity
– A tackifier to improve adherence to tooling surfaces

The additives are selected to minimize wear in the presence of compressed air. High velocities of compressed air cause most rock drill oils to be washed away from internal metal components. Whereas, the additives in EcoDrill 100 ensure the oil bonds to these components to reduce friction and wear in any environment regardless of drilling parameters.


Eco Drill 100 Features and Benefits

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