Chem Shot

Automated Injection

Revolutionize your air drilling operation with electronically controlled and metered chemical injection.

Chem Shot is the first and only intelligent misting system that monitors mist parameters, optimizes chemical injection, and outputs data to Pason/Totco that has never before been collected.

Save Money
with Chem Shot

  • Reducing wasteful chemical spend downhole and in the back yard
  • Improved hole cleaning and reduced circulating/connection times
  • Eliminating preventable incidents by ensuring properdownhole tool and wellbore treatments
  • Collecting new data to Pason/Totco creating new optimization opportunities

Chem Shot Features

American Products, Made By American Workers

Stryker manufactures all of its drill bits in America using 100% American steel.

This investment in our products is to ensure that only the highest level of quality control is provided to our customers. When facing extreme temperatures, rock strength, or difficult wellbore conditions you can count on Stryker bits.

Product Sheets

Chem Shot
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