Liquid Graphite

StrykGraph is a premium liquid graphite lubricant specifically formulated for
today’s extended reach drillout completions operations in the oil & gas industry.

About StrykGraph

StrykGraph applications:

– Coil tubing
– Stick pipe
– Work over rigs
– Wireline and slickline
– Open Hole Drilling

StrykGraph has the following features and benefits:

– Formulated with leading-edge nanotechnology
– Metal to metal and/or metal to formation affinity
– Reduces torque & drag for effective weight transfer
– Increased plug drillout performance (reduces drill time between plugs)
– Reduces friction & prevents pipe wear
– Assists wireline travel to total depth on extend reach wells


American Products, Made By American Workers

Stryker manufactures all of its drill bits in America using 100% American steel.

This investment in our products is to ensure that only the highest level of quality control is provided to our customers. When facing extreme temperatures, rock strength, or difficult wellbore conditions you can count on Stryker bits.

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